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Focused, fierce, and relentless – all distinguishing traits that have come to symbolize Bray Road’s attitude and approach. Formed by Guitarist / Vocalist Nino Nienas in 2011, Bray Road is a 4-piece Thrash / Groove Metal band from Milwaukee, WI USA. Bray Road derives its name from an actual road located in Elkhorn, WI where stories of the popular cryptozoological werewolf-like creature, the Beast of Bray Road, is said to stalk the area.

Bray Road was re-formed in 2016, prompting a complete line-up change and refocus of the band’s direction internally and musically. With that came the challenge of finding the right members to bring the force together and begin breaking new ground in a very short time. Bray Road recruited Mike Aschenbrenner on Bass, and Rob Pearson on guitar. Pearson and Nienas’ combined playing styles and approach to the guitar writing soon defined Bray Roads next chapter musically, thus culminating into a new level of ferocity for Bray Road’s brand of Thrash. After some challenges in finding the right person to fill the drums position, drummer Peter Kissane began working with the band and was found to be the heartbeat, skillset required to fill the drum spot for Bray Road to round out the four man assault.

The band’s debut full length recording (recorded in 2015 via Cavern Entertainment), “Feast Upon the Helpless” was reactivated in 2016 and put into post-production for completion, and was released in the Spring of 2017. Bray Road’s follow-up 5-song E.P. entitled “Formation” is due out 2018, and will highlight the band’s latest direction with the new line-up featuring a more aggressive and heavier approach across the board, while still maintaining the Thrash / Groove Metal elements that has complimented the Bray Road sonic landscape.

Bray Road has shared the stage with International touring acts and the legendary Grim Reaper, Battlecross, Morbid Saint, Ross The Boss (Ex. Manowar) and many regional touring acts, and continue to storm the local and regional scene with some of the best bands and venues around.

Live concert video for the new song “Formation” and many more live video sets can be found at www.brayroad.com (Media page) , or on our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/brayroad420

See you on the road…

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